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FireProx: A Unique IP Rotation Tool Leveraging AWS API Gateway

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Tool Drop

FireProx is an innovative open-source tool designed to address the challenges of hiding or continually rotating the source IP address when making web calls. Traditional tools either had limited IP addresses, were costly, or required the deployment of numerous VPSs. FireProx, on the other hand, harnesses the power of the AWS API Gateway to create pass-through proxies that rotate the source IP address with every request. This means users can create a proxy URL pointing to a destination server, make web requests to this proxy URL, and receive the destination server’s response, all while changing their IP address with each request.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • IP Rotation: FireProx rotates the IP address with every request, ensuring anonymity.
  • Regional Configuration: Users can configure separate regions for their proxies.
  • HTTP Methods: Supports all HTTP methods.
  • Pass-Through: All parameters and URIs are passed through seamlessly.
  • X-Forwarded-For Spoofing: Users can spoof the X-Forwarded-For source IP header by making requests with an X-My-X-Forwarded-For header.

Usage and Installation: FireProx requires AWS access key and secret access key or AWS CLI configuration. Users can easily clone the repository, set up a virtual environment, and install the necessary requirements to get started. There’s also an option to build a Docker image for FireProx, though there are some limitations on certain platforms.

Credits: After its public release, it was discovered that others had already been using the AWS API Gateway technique. Credit for the initial discovery of this technique goes to Ryan Hanson (@ryHanson), with Mike Hodges (@rmikehodges) making it public at BlackHat Arsenal 2018.

Contribution: The FireProx community encourages contributions. Interested developers can create an issue to discuss their ideas, fork the FireProx repository, and submit pull requests. The project welcomes bug reports, feature requests, and patches.

Conclusion: FireProx offers a unique solution to the challenges of IP rotation, leveraging the capabilities of AWS API Gateway. It’s a valuable tool for anyone needing to make anonymous web calls or scrape data without revealing their source IP. As with any tool, users are advised to use it responsibly and ensure they are in compliance with AWS policies.

Always ensure you have the necessary permissions and are in compliance with terms of service when using tools like FireProx.

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