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What would happen if an attacker gained access to your email and file sharing solution?

Our security assessments provide a comprehensive review of your productivity and collaboration suites on Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. While not considered a penetration test, our expert team conducts a thorough examination of the security measures in place, including: email, file sharing, chat platforms, and collaboration tools.

We analyze the effectiveness of these components and identify any vulnerabilities or areas for improvement. Our assessments also include a cloud compliance report, ensuring that your cloud deployment meets industry standards and regulatory requirements. With our detailed analysis and actionable recommendations, you can enhance the security of your cloud environment, protect sensitive data, and maintain compliance with confidence.

Communication Tools

Evaluate the implementation of email, chat, and video conferencing solutions.

Document Management

Securing collaboration tools and documents for confidentiality and integrity.

Project & Task Management

Identify security risks with task tracking and calendar scheduling.

Free Consultation

We get it, information security can be confusing and tough to handle. With new threats popping up all the time, it's hard to know what to focus on. Let us help you cut through the noise and get straight to what really matters.