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Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence in AWS Pentesting

Speaker: Mike Felch (@ustayready)
Date/Time: 9/30/2023 10:00AM
Track: 2 & 5
Room: B

With the advancement in artificial intelligence, leveraging it’s potential during penetration tests can lead to quickly identifying vulnerable attack paths. ChatGPT is an AI model developed by OpenAI, which is trained on massive datasets from the internet. It’s capable of receiving input from users and then generating textual results based on the data it’s been trained with. Luckily for us, it understands technology, tools, and code very well!In this presentation, I will demonstrate how adaptive techniques can incorporate the use of ChatGPT while on AWS penetration tests. I will focus on the exploitation, lateral movement, and privilege escalation phases of an engagement to highlight how AI can be incorporated into pentesting tradecraft. Finally, I will open-source a new tool that leverages AI to quickly identify vulnerable attack paths against AWS.

JW Marriott

September 28 – 30 2023 : Conference
110 E. 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701