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vCISO Services

Even with budget limitations, SMBs face significant security challenges. Recognizing that small businesses are targeted in 43% of cyberattacks, it’s clear that every business, no matter its size, needs robust security measures. Explore our vCISO services and see how we can fortify your defenses.

Penetration Testing

Go beyond a mere vulnerability scan. Penetration testing is essential not only to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities in systems and networks but also to prioritize risks. By simulating real-world attacks, it enhances security, ensuring that the most critical threats are addressed first, thereby preventing potential breaches more effectively.

Security assessments 

Drawing upon our expertise, we offer cost-effective insights that target specific security vulnerabilities inherent to SaaS systems. Our approach ensures a more affordable solution to protect your Office365 and Google Workspace efficiently and cost-effectively.


Amazon Web Services
Our AWS pentest empowers you to assess your cloud infrastructure from an unauthenticated and assumed breach perspective. Our experts identify and exploit vulnerabilities across services such as EC2, Lambda, CloudFormation, and S3. We perform a thorough examination of identity and access management, scrutinizing policy misconfigurations that could result in lateral movement and privilege escalation, as well as insecure IAM users and overly permissive configurations.


Microsoft Azure
Our Microsoft Azure pentest provides you with a comprehensive understanding of exploitable risks within your tenant. Our team discovers and exploits vulnerable resources within your subscriptions, whether they are automation accounts, blob and storage accounts, or Azure Active Directory. We conduct thorough examinations of your cloud infrastructure and DevOps organizations to identify and address security issues.


Microsoft Office365
Our Office 365 security assessment comprehensively examines your deployment by reviewing user and group security, scrutinizing password policies, and assessing multi-factor authentication (MFA) implementations. Additionally, we evaluate email security measures against phishing, analyze SharePoint and OneDrive settings for exploitable misconfigurations, and identify security issues related to third-party application risks, all without the cost of a pentest.


Google Cloud Platform

Our Google Cloud Platform pentest highlights insecure resources across your projects and folders, offering you a comprehensive review of compute, storage, identity, and network services.


Google Workspace
Our Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) security assessment examines exploitable conditions within your collaboration applications, including services like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Docs.



Meet Mike Felch

Mike Felch (known online as @ustayready) is a penetration tester and information security professional with over 25 years in cybersecurity. As the founder of Dark Optics, he specializes in identifying security vulnerabilities and customizing solutions to mitigate or remediate risk. Mike’s experience covers a vast amount of technology stacks, network infrastructure, and cloud platforms. His career started in vulnerability research, exploit development, and reverse engineering which led into numerous security engineering roles in which he has been a penetration tester since 2005. His security background includes hardware hacking, red teaming, and penetration testing at employers like Black Hills Information Security, CrowdStrike, and Fortress Information Security.

Mike is active in the information security community, speaks at security conferences across the country, and regularly open-sources offensive security tools. Feel free to reach out to him on Twitter.

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